Carmelo Anthony Free Agency Update: Chicago Bulls Have Plan B

By Gustavo Braga
Los Angeles Lakers
Nathaniel S. Butler-Getty Images

We have extensively covered the impending free agency of Carmelo Anthony this summer, reporting facts and speculating on his options and possibilities outside New York City, and now that his version of the “decision” is coming closer, let’s take a look at the latest developments on the whole ‘Melo drama.

The Chicago Bulls have been on Anthony’s radar since last season’s all star break when the franchise player Joakim Noah started his recruiting mission to bring Anthony to Chicago. Since then we’ve been talking about the system basketball played over there and how Chicago is supposedly only one player away from immediate contention. With Joakim Noah as the defensive cornerstone and Derrick Rose back and healthy, Anthony would come in and do what he does best — score.

Well, three new facts have surfaced on the matter: Two against and one for Melo signing with the Bulls.

Coach Tom Thibodeau himself has reportedly reached out to Carmelo Anthony in an effort to get him to Chicago. ‘Melo praised the coach’s system in the past, saying that whoever was on the floor would be successful because the system worked so well. This relationship could finally be the dagger that kills the relationship between Melo and New York City. Having the franchise player, the front office and the coach himself looking to attract the all star forward surely tells the guy that he would be welcome.

On the other hand, two news items could work against that. Derrick Rose, former league MVP point guard, is supposed to be healthy and ready to play at a high level once again and this week it was reported that a source close to him said Derrick would prefer Kevin Love on his team instead of Anthony. According to the report, Rose does not like the fact that Anthony is a ball dominant player — that would bring conflict because Rose himself is a ball dominant player. He would prefer a team player like Love playing alongside him. The Bulls are probably not going to listen to Rose, but it’s something for Anthony to think about — you are not going to win a championship with bad chemistry like that.

The other consideration is the fact that the Chicago Bulls are interested in Orlando Magic‘s Arron Afflalo, and considering his $7 million contract, the Bulls would be unable to offer a decent deal to  Anthony. Chicago needs to make a number of roster moves just so they can offer Melo a decent salary, and if they bring Afflalo they won’t be able to reach a high enough number.

We’ll going to have to wait and see. Carmelo seems to be fading away from New York, but fans can still believe.

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