Carmelo Anthony Researching Windy City Suggests He'll Sign With Chicago Bulls

By Wally Jacobs
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Over the last several months, Carmelo Anthony‘s name has been dominating headlines. Now with the free agency period approaching, it appears that the Chicago Bulls are the clear leaders in the Anthony sweepstakes.

Rumors swirling around Chicago have indicated that Anthony and his celebrity wife La La Vasquez have privately taken a trip to the Windy City recently in order to tour the area. Still, just taking a trip to Chicago might not mean much other than wanting a slice of quality deep dish pizza. However, the Wall Street Journal reported that Anthony has been rumored to have called several Bulls and ex-Bulls swingmen to get an idea of what it’s like to play for coach Tom Thibodeau.

Current Bull and former teammate Ronnie Brewer could have been one of the players that Anthony reached out to during some of his calls. Anthony, who has been in touch with Joakim Noah since the All-Star break, probably wanted other opinions from someone other than the Bulls’ center.

On top of everything else, Bulls leader and former MVP Derrick Rose has indicated that he would like to play with Anthony next season. Rose has also stated that he is 100 percent healthy after suffering a season-ending torn meniscus back in November. With Rose poised to come back healthy, and Noah coming off of the best season in his career, the idea of playing in Chicago definitely has to be appealing for Anthony.

But Anthony wasn’t the only person researching and making phone calls lately; the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Thibodeau has also reached out to Anthony, as well as several coaches around the NBA that have coached him.

The Bulls are appearing to be relentless in their pursuit of Anthony, which figures to be a great sign or a huge disappointment at this point. Either way, it’s great to finally see the Bulls as a team still working hard in the offseason. In the NBA, news reports can change on a daily basis, but as of right now it clearly appears as if the Bulls are in the driver’s seat to acquire Anthony.

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