Charlotte Hornets Can Fill a Need in the Second Round of 2014 NBA Draft

By Everick Davis
Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports
Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are a team that could use a lot of help. A lot of noise has been made about what Charlotte will do with their two first-round picks, but the Hornets could pick up a very valuable player in the second round as well. The Hornets have the 45th pick in the upcoming draft, and with such a deep draft a very good player could be found at this spot.

Shooting is one of the Hornets’ biggest needs this off season. The Hornets will more than likely (and should) pick up a shooter in the first round, but they can probably find a a shooter later on as well. The guys likely to fall won’t be versatile shooters like you will find in the first round, but they could carve out a role with the Hornets as designated shooters. Guys like Andre Dawkins or Joe Harris could fill that void.

The Hornets could also look to add some more size to their front court. With Bismack Byombo as Al Jefferson‘s primary backup, the Hornets could use another big body to defend and grab rebounds. Guys like Dwight Powell, Johnny O’Bryant or Jarnell Stokes could be available at the spot as well.

Also the Hornets could pick up a backup point guard in this spot as well. A guy like Russ Smith or DeAndre Kane will be available at the time and could step in to play from day one.

The Hornets will have a chance to get an impact player at all three picks in this upcoming draft. While the first round should provide them great players, the second round could give the Hornets a cheap option to fill a void as well.

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