Charlotte Hornets Should Avoid Doug McDermott

By Everick Davis
Bob Donovan-USA TODAY Sports
Bob Donovan-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets will be in an interesting spot on June 26 when the 2014 NBA Draft begins. They were a playoff team that excelled defensively, but had little offense. The team will likely be looking for shooters this year and have been linked to players such as Michigan‘s Nik Stauskas and Creighton‘s Doug McDermott. Of those two players, McDermott is the one who is more likely to be drafted by Charlotte, but that may not be the best idea.

McDermott is a scorer. he was the best in the NCAA as he averaged 26.7 points while averaging 7.0 rebounds. A scoring average like that is always impressive, but it will more than likely not be sustainable in the NBA.

He is one of those guys with a sweet jump shot and has many moves to get that shot off, but isn’t the type of player who can mix it up and get to the basket consistently. As an NBA player, McDermott would thrive as a spot-up shooter as a role player.

McDermott isn’t a very quick player and isn’t much of a defender. Even on a Hornets team that prides themselves on defense, McDermott will be hard to hide because of his lack of athleticism. That same lack of athleticism will be the same reason that he won’t be a dynamic offensive player in the NBA.

Another scary thought is the comparisons to NBA bust Adam Morrison. The former Gonzaga star was drafted No. 3 overall back in the 2006 NBA Draft by Charlotte and was a huge bust. Morrison and McDermott played a similar game in college as prolific scorers. Their highlight reels role off almost identical as they both got shots off any sort of way. Morrison flamed out in the NBA, so the comparison has to be scary.

The former Creighton standout will be a good player in a set role, but being drafted in the top 10 might not be best for him. McDermott can carve out a role as a shooter, but not as a scorer. If the Hornets had a pick somewhere in the 10-20 range, then McDermott would be a great fit, but the Hornets need a more versatile contributor with the No. 9 pick.

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