Moving NBA Logo To Back of Jerseys Next Step To Advertisements on Front

By Cody Williams
NBA logo ads
Bob Donnan – USA Today Sports Images

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled their new jerseys for the 2014-15 NBA season earlier this week in a nostalgic display of purple and teal that will be coming back to the Queen City. There were mixed reviews about the jerseys throughout the internet, but the jerseys ended up being the smallest bit of news to come out of the organization’s announcement.

As reported by ESPN and noted by countless people, the NBA logo that has been featured on the chest of jerseys for quite some time was nowhere to be seen on the front of the Hornets’ jerseys. Further inspection showed the logo on the back of the jerseys, around the neckline above the player name.

ESPN furthered their report by confirming with the league that the Hornets wouldn’t be the only team in the league with the logo no longer on their chest. According to the report, the NBA has confirmed that all 30 NBA teams will have the league’s logo moved to the back of their jerseys starting next season.

While that’s the only real change happening universally with jerseys in the NBA this season, it’s pretty clear that this is the next move towards the league doing something that they’ve speculated about doing for quite some time now: putting advertisements on the front of the jerseys.

According to the report, the league has estimated that putting advertisements on jerseys could earn the Association somewhere around $100 million per year. With the league’s logo off of the front of teams’ jerseys, there is now prime real estate on the jerseys to be occupied by ads.

While there’s no definite timetable as to when we will see ads on NBA jerseys, it seems somewhat inevitable given this latest move by the league. It’s no longer about if people will like it or anything of that matter; it’s now about accepting having advertisements on jerseys as a foregone conclusion.

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