Chicago Bulls Need To Hold Off On Acquiring Arron Afflalo

By Wally Jacobs
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The Chicago Bulls have been the center of attention this summer with so much talk about acquiring Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony. However, they’ve also been rumored to be interested in Orlando Magic guard Arron Afflalo.

It’s been reported by several media outlets that the Bulls and Magic were in talks to send Afflalo to Chicago for two first-round picks in the upcoming draft. They currently own the Charlotte Hornets‘ pick at 16 and their own pick at No. 19.

Although Afflalo would be an excellent fit with the Bulls, averaging a career high 18 points per game with the Magic, it would be too risky to add his $7.5 million contract when the team is already in hot pursuit to add Anthony in free agency.

The Bulls are already desperate to clear cap to sign Anthony in July, and are expected to amnesty forward Carlos Boozer and possibly trade the contracts of Mike Dunleavy and Tony Snell—which would roughly give the team round $17 million to spend in free agency if they can do away with those players. By adding another $7.5 million to their cap, the Bulls will just be making things more difficult in their efforts to land Anthony.

Of course, that still doesn’t take the Bulls out of the equation to sign Anthony. However, the Bulls would have to consider also moving the contracts of Jimmy Butler or even Taj Gibson if they want to make it work. The Bulls have been reluctant to include Butler and Gibson in trade offers since they both have reasonable contracts and are also an integral part of the team. Gibson earns around $8 million per season, while Butler is still on his rookie contract that he signed in 2011.

One possibility that lingers is that the Bulls acquire Afflalo in order to send to the New York Knicks as part of a sign-and-trade for Anthony. But it remains to be seen if the Knicks are even interested in Afflalo. Essentially, it would be pointless to even add Afflalo until Anthony makes a decision.

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