Chicago Bulls’ Trade Offer For Kevin Love Could Change Sweepstakes

Kevin Love

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There’s certainly no shortage of teams willing to trade for Kevin Love. It seems that every time you fire up the internet there’s a new team in the mix for the All-Star power forward. But over this past weekend an interesting rumor emerged — Derrick Rose would prefer to play with Love over Carmelo Anthony.

Whether there’s any truth to the rumor, only Rose knows. But apparently he’s cited Love as more of a team player.

If the Chicago Bulls are going to make a run at Love, their offer is going to have to be strong. The Golden State Warriors appear to be the “front-runners” at this point with Klay Thompson, David Lee and draft picks potentially on the table. But you have to wonder if the latest rumored offer from the Bulls will be enough to move them into the “top spot” for the PF.

According to ESPN’s Chad Ford, Chicago is willing to deal Taj Gibson, Tony Snell and both of its first-round draft picks this year (16, 19) for Love’s services.

So, is that potential offer from the Bulls enough?

Considering that Gibson is still under contract for two more years, it just might be. He wouldn’t be a rental, and the T-Wolves would then have the 13th, 16th and 19th picks in the 2014 draft. They could stand pat and draft three players to build around for the future, or parlay them into a higher selection and a potential star.

When you compare this to the rumored deal between Minnesota and Golden State (Thompson and Lee for Love, Kevin Martin, J.J. Barea and the 13th pick), the Bulls seems to have an edge in terms of flexibility. Thompson will become a free agent at the end of next year, so the T-Wolves could easily end up in another Love situation. The Gibson swap isn’t nearly as flashy, but it would surely open up Minnesota’s options moving forward.

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  • Shayla G’eniuss

    Minnesota doesn’t want Taj Gibson. That offer will not be enough. Great!!..Because I just do not want to see Love in a BULLS uniform. Unless of course , we get MELO…which is far fetched..which brings me back to Love …see where Im going with this? furthermore who talked to Derrick Rose?….He only talks to Reggie and BJ…getouttahere!!!!!

    • Farva55

      A) That might be the worst english of all time.

      B) How do you know what Minnesota wants for Love? Yeah that’s what I thought.

      C) How do u know who D-Rose talks too? Yeah, shut up.

      D) Melo to Minnesota? This is me laughing at you. Very hard.

  • Shayla G’eniuss

    First of all, I didn’t know this was an English forum!
    Secondly, It has been rumored what Minnesota wants from love.
    Next, I never said I knew who D-Rose talks to, but since it is known and has been documented on who he claims his friends are!
    Lastly, when did I ever say Melo to Minnesota?….
    Yet another moron feeling himself behind a keyboard.
    This is me laughing at you harder than you could ever laugh at me!!!!

    • Farva55

      You clearly are dumber than it appears and that is amazing.

      “Next, I never said I knew who D-Rose talks to, but since it is known and has been documented on who he claims his friends are!”

      “He only talks to Reggie and BJ”

      Direct quotes. I would recommend studying harder if you want to get anywhere in life.

  • Shayla G’eniuss

    You are the idiot!…Again, it is documented that he does not talk to a lot of people in the league or industry. He is a very introverted soul and does not gossip. Clearly, its a bunch of gibberish that thirsty internet lames as yourself yearn for. Clown.