Los Angeles Lakers Fans Would Welcome LeBron James

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After their arch rivals the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers are the winningest franchise in the NBA. Boasting a rich history of regular championships along with some of the games greatest-ever dynasty teams, the Lakers and their fans are accustomed to winning, and winning regularly. Because of those expectations, Lakers fans would welcome LeBron James should the unthinkable happen and he decides to take his talents to Hollywood.

The stereotypical Lakers fan is one with an undying love for Kobe Bryant and an embedded hatred for James. Like most stereotypes, this is grounded in truth, but for the longtime fans of the Lakers, a chance at a championship trumps any preconceived notions about the King.

No matter how much most fans think they have hated James since he moved to the Miami Heat in 2010, it will all be water under the bridge if he is in the purple and gold next season. It will take an incredible swallow of pride, but if it’s going to mean the storied franchise is back at the top, admitting James’ greatness for the good of the Lakers will be all too easy for most.

Of course, there will be those whose pride stands in the way of enjoying the slight possibility of James joining the Lakers, but for the vast majority, it’s a dream they wish to come true.

Despite not being very vocal in the media about their potential recruitment of James, the Lakers’ front office will have a plan in place in an attempt to lure the games best player to join Bryant in L.A. Bryant’s position in this is an issue in itself. His willingness to be second fiddle will be far more crucial than it was during the Dwight Howard saga. In terms of Bryant’s personal numbers, having James as a teammate is more beneficial to him than Howard was, so his willingness to take a back seat should be more of a possibility.

The harder sell will be to Bryant’s fans who consider him their god. They need to be convinced that Bryant is not the player he once was, and a younger, in-prime LeBron James is what he needs to get his sixth ring.

Bryant can’t do it on his own; he has never been able to. Now in the twilight of his career, the current generation of superstar can and would help him get closer to the elusive sixth ring. Bryant knows that, as well as the Lakers faithful.

For the willfully ignorant who still believe Bryant is better than James, it’s going to hit them hard to see their man be No. 2, but if the result is the franchise getting No. 17, all will be right in the Lakers Nation.

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  • Jake Centeno

    I would not welcome Leflop,Lebum,Lequit, and so many other humorous names on this team. I don’t care if lebum is better than kobe, I would hate it if he became a laker. I rather have carmelo even though I wouldn’t want him on this team either. Lebum on this team would bring his annoying ass dickriding fans and I would stop watching the NBA because I would not be able to watch the lakers anymore. So, in conclusion, No!!! Us truly laker fans would not welcome him. Only bandwagoner fans would.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/jasonoliver/ Jason Oliver

      I assure you “truly laker fans” would have him on the team. Long time fans want championships above all else and that’s not happening next season without LeBron.

  • KrazyRed Swagg

    this is not about a players.. this about winning championship bro and another ring for the black mamba.. I would welcome anybody who come to LA that commit to play along with kobe and win together. Definitely I would welcome melo or LeBron to the team if then can haul both them.. Anybody who see this not working out or even not welcoming a player that capable of winning title then your not a true lakers fan.. believe me Im more than a true lakers fan, when there down im down. It is what its is.

  • rauljg

    I would welcome the best player in the league (maybe history) with open arms. He can get his championships as long as the rest are in purple and gold!

  • Omar Arista

    King James and The Black Mamba, whooooo!!! Make it happen! L.A needs another great to pass the torch too. Just make sure we have more than just a good coach but a good supporting cast and bench.