Los Angeles Lakers Must Reconsider Offseason Outlook If Kevin Love Is Traded To Golden State Warriors

By Joseph Crevier
Los Angeles Lakers
Noah Graham-Getty Images

The future of Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Kevin Love will likely be decided within upcoming days as the NBA Draft is just days away. Any trade involving Love will almost require a top draft pick unless a franchise is willing to construct a package full of young talent, which is exactly what the Golden State Warriors may do. If Klay Thompson is in fact the deciding factor in a trade, I would assume Golden State will eventually give in.

Love is supposed to be the Los Angeles Lakers‘ main target of interest next summer when he hits free agency, but a trade to a Warriors team on the rise may spoil Los Angeles’ dreams of signing him. Therefore, if Love ultimately ends up as a member of the Warriors, Los Angeles must rethink their plan of action this offseason.

The team’s plan this summer is to once again build a roster full of players on one-year deals in order to preserve cap space for the summer of 2015. Multiple max contract players will become free agents in 2015, but none are likely to leave their current teams besides Love. This could all change though if Love is traded to Golden State because he will probably sign a long-term deal there, leaving the Lakers without a player to fall back on.

Plenty of impactful free agents will be available this summer, most notably Greg Monroe, Kyle Lowry and Luol Deng. If Los Angeles played their cards right, all of them could potentially fit under the salary cap. Throw in the No. 7 pick, and the Lakers will have an overall solid team. Additionally, Steve Nash‘s $9.7 million salary will also be coming off of the books after the 2014-15 season, further clearing up more flexibility in the future.

Counting on Love signing on to become a member of the Lakers is extremely dangerous at this point. His future is totally up in the air and if traded to the right team, he may lock himself in long-term, leaving the Lakers out to dry. Who knows — Los Angeles may even be better off signing some of the more under-the-radar players this summer.

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