Detroit Pistons Rumors: Josh Smith Trade Would Benefit Franchise In Long Run

By Andrew Fisher
Josh Smith
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Detroit Pistons knew major changes were coming once Stan Van Gundy signed on to be team’s new head coach and president of basketball operations. The Pistons are clearly a bit of a mess after the last few years under Joe Dumars, with part of the mess coming in the form of large contracts like Josh Smith‘s.

But it appears that Stan Van is already hard at work trying to right some of the past wrongs in the Detroit front office via a possible trade:

That’s right, after just one season it could be the end of the J-Smoove era in Detroit.

This potential trade is not about the Pistons getting the right players in place for next season. It’s obviously more about ridding the franchise of Smith’s whopping four-year/$54 million deal.

Detroit would get a solid big man in the form of Thompson, and a project in the form of Williams (No. 2 overall pick in 2011). Terry could merely be the throw-in piece of the deal to make it happen, and not part of Van Gundy’s long-term plans. Either way, this potential trade could work out well for both sides.

Sacramento is seemingly trying to put itself in position for a playoff run this upcoming year, while Detroit is trying to put itself in better financial position for the next few years.

All in all, J-Smoove doesn’t seem like he’s a Stan Van kind of guy. Add in the fact that he’s overpaid, and it seems apparent that his days in the Motor City are numbered.

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