LeBron James Opting Out Means Carmelo Anthony Officially Leaving New York Knicks

By Gustavo Braga
Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If LeBron James wanted to leave the Miami Heat, he would have waited one more year, making approximately $20 million in the process. He would explore free agency in the summer of 2015 when a lot of teams are going to be free in cap space to acquire the big dogs. Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo and James would be the big three in free agency, making it possible for a big three reunion somewhere other than Miami.

If Carmelo Anthony wanted to stay with the New York Knicks he would have waited another year, making $20 something million in the process and exploring free agency in the summer of 2015 along with the previously mentioned big dogs, in an effort to rearrange his contract and lure big names to New York City.

That tells me two things: James wants to stay in Miami and Anthony wants to leave New York. Anthony and James are friends, longtime friends, and they want to play together — they’ve openly stated that.

Much speculation has occurred over the past months regarding the fact that Pat Riley, Miami’s president of basketball and GM, would make a run for Anthony during the summer, and now it all seems to make sense.

Both LeBron and Melo are out of their contracts, making it possible for LeBron to re-sign with Miami taking less money and making Anthony an affordable asset for Riley to acquire. The only thing in the way of that happening now is Melo’s willingness to take less money and move to South Beach. The team would need to get rid of a few contracts, but who needs roster depth when you have James, Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on your team?

So yes, expect the Big Four — the gigantic two with two smaller ones, but still Big Four — in Miami next season.

Yes, Melo could come back to New York and LeBron could just re-sign with the Heat for less money, but I don’t see that happening. LeBron could come to the Knicks as well for a veteran’s minimum, but come on!

The NBA is in the verge of becoming even less interesting.

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