LeBron James Opting Out Could Show True Colors

By Luis Tirado Jr.
lebron james
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The LeBron James era may have come to an end. After the loss to the San Antonio Spurs during the NBA Finals, James has opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat. He has exercised the early termination option in his contract via his agent and now officially becomes an unrestricted free agent. But the main question remaining is: what will he do next?

Well, it’s no secret that James isn’t about teamwork or waiting around for the pieces to fall toward a winning path. He’s not about developing other players or doing what is right for the team; it’s really all about those championship rings. In his mind, he wants to be put in a position to win every year because he wants to be considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He’s forgetting something crucially important, though, when one thinks about it. There’s one thing that actually separates him from the rest.

You see, when you look at some of the greatest basketball players of all time, there is one thing that will always elude James. You can’t compare him to players like Kobe Bryant, Reggie Miller or even Michael Jordan because they developed players around them and stuck with their original teams. Why? They all knew the importance of patience, even when the going got tough. Sure, it’s not easy when you consistently have losing seasons, but if you follow a certain discipline, build around youth and help those around you, your time will come. Not only that, but the amount of respect you earn is unmeasurable.

James’ true motives have been selfish ones when you consider what his legacy will be once he retires. He’ll be known as a phenomenal athlete with some amazing skills who kept team hopping because he wanted to win as many championships as humanly possible at any cost. The humble ones know the value of patience, and in the end, James will only have rings that collect dust without the respect that comes with it.

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