LeBron James Opting Out Will Put Pressure on Dwyane Wade to Take Pay Cut

By Dave Daniels
Miami Heat
Getty Images

LeBron James recently decided to opt out of his current contract, which should not come as a surprise to any loyal followers of the NBA. What this now means is that the Miami Heat will have to woo the four-time MVP to sign a new contract, but I do not think SportsCenter will be airing “The Decision 2.0”.

James will definitely peruse his options before making his choice, just like last time around; however, I would be shocked to see him leave Pat Riley high and dry. The reality of the situation is that the Heat won two titles in four years which is not exactly a bad batting average.

I think that LeBron told his agent to let this news slip a little bit early, because he wants the Heat to have the best chance to position themselves for a run at him in the next couple weeks.

It is officially Dwyane Wade‘s move, and the pressure will be on the shooting guard to take a pay cut. I just do not see it happening.

Savannah James stirred up the pot recently with her Instagram post about Akron (OH), but it should be noted that they go back there every summer. It is where they grew up and there are probably a lot of family responsibilities to take care of. James is not going to be a Cleveland Cavalier next season, though, because Dan Gilbert is a doofus of the highest order. King James does not associate with court jesters.

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