LeBron James Returning to Cleveland Cavaliers Makes Sense

By Kristen Fazio
Lebron James
Getty Images

When LeBron James sat down to make the infamous ‘decision’ in 2010, he immediately went from the hometown hero to the villain not only in Cleveland but across the NBA when he chose to join the Miami Heat. Now, four years later, he has the chance to right his wrongs and return to the city that he was once beloved in. James putting on a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey once again makes sense for a number of reasons.

James has made it clear he feels guilty for the way his free agency decision alienated Cleveland and Akron, but much time has passed now and most Cavaliers fans would likely welcome him back with open arms. It is the city where he grew up and began his professional career, and now he has the chance to capitalize on the opportunity to return to the place he once called home.

One thing that has changed since James played for the Cavaliers is that they now have an All-Star in Kyrie Irving. Irving was drafted first overall by Cleveland in the 2011 NBA Draft. Also on the roster is Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and James’ good friend Anderson Varejao. The Cavaliers once again have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and could select either Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins. Parker plays the same position as James, so they would be more inclined to draft Wiggins or possibly trade the pick for more assets.

The Cavaliers would vastly need to improve their roster in order for James to consider returning, but if they do decide to go all in to land James they would likely need to trade for another star player such as Kevin Love or do well in free agency. Let’s face it, Miami’s roster isn’t looking so great these days with Dwyane Wade in a decline and Chris Bosh not what he used to be.

What is also great about Cleveland is that it is still in the Eastern Conference. The battle for the central with the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls would instantly make it the best division in the East.

Then there’s this: James’ wife, Savannah, posted a photo of a map with Akron marked on it with a caption that read, “Home sweet home!! The countdown is real! #330.” Sure, it could mean the family is just returning home for the summer as they normally do, or she is dreaming of the day when James exchanges his Heat jersey for the Cavaliers.

Remember when James promised to bring a championship to Cleveland? He now has the opportunity to do so. Let’s call it unfinished business.

Once again we will sit back, watch and wait to see what the king decides. We are all witnesses.

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