Metta World Peace Blog: My Speculation, Prediction for LeBron James in Free Agency

By Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace LeBron James Ron Artest
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I would love to see LeBron James take a new team under the wing and return to the NBA Finals. I mean, how many stars played on three teams and went to the Finals as the star player with each one? What if LeBron turned green and went to Milwaukee, or demanded that he will only go to Las Vegas or Seattle to play? Or what if he went to Detroit or Sacramento? So many great options out there for a King. Now being from New York, I would say “be a Knick.” Or even better, come to the Lakers 😉

As a current player, I am excited to have a chance to play with or against a King. Doesn’t matter to me. But as a fan and a columnist, I am excited to write my next story when the plane lands — the plane being LeBron.

Say what you want, but five trips to the Finals is not an easy task. Ask a loser. I truly believe next year will be the best basketball since Oscar Robertson’s era. Coaches are holding players more accountable. This was the first time in a long time the bigs were used throughout the season and playoffs. “We need our bigs.”

Imagine if LeBron had a center last year. Imagine if LeBron had a center ever. So my pick is that LeBron will find a mobile, big defender of a center and make a push again.
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