NBA Rumors: LeBron James and Ray Allen a Package Deal?

By Andrew Fisher
Ray Allen, LeBron James
Getty Images

To call Ray Allen a huge part of the Miami Heat‘s success over the past two seasons, would be an understatement. The Heat wouldn’t have won the 2013 Finals without his sharpshooting, and without it in the 2014 Finals, they may have gotten swept. But as it stands right now, the greatest three-point shooter in history is undecided on his return for a 19th season.

Many have joked about Allen bailing out LeBron James in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals. But as it turns out, the two are apparently good friends. Brian Windhorst of ESPN is even reporting that Allen and James vacationed together last week following their Finals defeat.

As of now it appears that Allen will return to the NBA next season. But he might only do it alongside his buddy, LBJ, according to Windhorst.

None of this this sounds like crazy talk. Allen should want to play alongside James, just as James should want to play alongside Allen. When James draws the attention of multiple defenders in the lane, who better to kick it out to than Allen? The two simply work well together.

For lack of a better term you could call them a ‘package deal’ this offseason.

Just where the two will be ‘packaged’ together, is anyone’s guess. But if you had to place a bet, the most likely destination is South Beach. For the most part the Heat still have a good thing going, it’s just a matter of doing what Pat Riley said last week: retooling.

If Riles can work some magic and bring some fresh productive faces to Miami, the odds are that Allen and James will be back in 2014-15 as well.

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