2014 NBA Draft Rumors: Cavaliers Should Pull Trigger On Trade With Magic For No. 1 Pick

By Andrew Fisher
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown to the 2014 NBA Draft is on. Just over 24 hours from now all the speculation will come to an end, and fans will finally know which prospects will be joining their favorite teams. Unlike 2013, there’s a ton of intrigue surrounding this year’s crop of NBA hopefuls.

The intrigue starts with the Cleveland Cavaliers, as they once again hold the No. 1 pick. With all due respect to Anthony Bennett, Cavs fans are hoping that the franchise doesn’t again make such a controversial call with this year’s top selection. But given the massive amount of talent available, that’s unlikely to happen.

At this point it’s more a matter of whether the Cavs want to stand pat, of if they want to move down a few spots. Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker would both be great picks at No. 1, so the team can’t really go wrong. But if they want to move down to maximize value in this year’s draft, an offer on the table from the Orlando Magic has to be making them think long and hard.

Orlando has apparently offered up the No. 4 and No. 12 overall selections, plus Arron Afflalo for the Cavs No. 1 overall pick. Of all the offers said to be on the table in Cleveland, the Magic’s has to be the most intriguing. It’s a deal that would still allow the team to add two top-notch young talents, while getting better right away at guard with Afflalo.

It’s thought that this deal might have something to do with LeBron James, as it would help the Cavs put together the best possible roster in 2014-15 for the King’s potential return.

But LeBron aside, this seems to be a pretty sweet deal for Cleveland. Afflalo is coming off a career-best season (18.2 PPG) and he’s still under contract for two more seasons. It’s not like he’d be a one year rental player.

No. 4 and No. 12 could very well equal No. 1 tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

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