Carmelo Anthony Would Be the Ideal Target for the Charlotte Hornets

By Everick Davis
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony is one of the top two free agents in this upcoming offseason. After a horrendous season with the New York Knicks, Anthony seems as good as gone. While teams such as the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets will purse Anthony, he still has options. One of those options that Anthony should consider is the Charlotte Hornets.

Charlotte hasn’t had the best luck in getting stars to sign there. Before Al Jefferson signed with them last offseason the closet thing Charlotte had to a star was Gerald Wallace who they picked up in the expansion draft way back in 2004. Maybe the presence of Jefferson could change that as he has already began to change the culture in Charlotte. Also the opportunity to play for Michael Jordan could be good for Anthony as well.

Of the teams that are linked to Anthony, the Bulls have been the most talked about. Charlotte can provide Anthony with the same opportunities as the Bulls though. In Chicago, Anthony would be banking on the health of Derrick Rose in order to have another scoring option beside him. In Charlotte, Anthony would have Kemba Walker and Jefferson to rely on. Both teams are strong defensively as well so Anthony can focus on scoring.

On a team like the Rockets, Anthony would be surrounded by other scorers as well, only the difference is these guys have multiple players who can score, and that’s about all they do. If Anthony joined Houston, he would be fighting for touches. Charlotte is a team that needs another scorer and struggled offensively. In Charlotte, Anthony could get all the touches he wants.

It’s very unlikely that the Hornets get Anthony because they aren’t a popular destination. Regardless of the Hornets popularity, Anthony should give Charlotte a shot.

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