Don't Expect Raymond Felton to Be With Dallas Mavericks for Long

By Miotch
Raymond Felton
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Current NBA rules prevent a team from trading a player who was just acquired in a trade until 60 days later, unless that player is traded immediately afterwards. The Dallas Mavericks, who just re-acquired fan-favorite Tyson Chandler, had no choice but to take on Felton’s contract in order to please New York Knicks president Phil Jackson.

In all, the Mavericks traded the house, but it was worth it for a championship-caliber player like Chandler. But don’t go thinking Felton is going to play a minute for the Mavericks. In no way, shape or form does the continuously out-of-shape Felton fit the mold of a Maverick point guard. Currently, the only true point guard on the roster is Gal Mekel, but Monta Ellis can run the point and the Mavericks are sure to either bring back Devin Harris or reel in a big fish like Eric Bledsoe.

But back to Felton—he is the worst point guard in the NBA. The Ruben Studdard-looking Felton will either ride the bench, get cut or get traded before the season starts. Felton is under contract for just under $4 million this upcoming season and has a player option for about the same amount in 2015-16.

So in 60 days, one possible trade could bring back former Maverick and Dallas hero Jason Terry. Terry, 36, has one year remaining on his contract at just over $5 million. The Mavericks could package Felton and another player and send them to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Terry in order to make the money work. Even if Terry has nothing left, it will be a lot more fun looking at him cheerlead from the bench than watching Felton sulk.

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