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Las Vegas Believes Dallas Mavericks Have Shot to Land Miami Heat’s LeBron James

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LeBron James

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It’s amazing all the different things you can place a bet on these days. For instance, there are LeBron James odds (via that have come out after news broke that James will opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat. If you were to put down $100 today on the Dallas Mavericks signing James, for example, you would win $3000 should James sign with Dallas.

At two percent, though, the Mavericks’ chances of getting James are on the slim side. In particular, of the NBA teams that even have a chance to land James, the Mavericks’ chances are the slimmest. On the plus side for the Mavericks, only eight NBA teams have any chance whatever of locking up James. Aside from the Heat (61 percent), none of the other teams have great odds. Interestingly enough, the Los Angeles Clippers, who have not been anywhere near James rumors recently, have a nine percent chance of signing James.

At least the odds of the Mavericks getting James are greater than Dirk Nowitzki signing with the Heat (zero percent). These odds are really ridiculous, though. It’s not like there’s any firsthand information on where James is going to go or what he’s thinking right now. Maybe James is lying in bed at night, saying to his wife, “Man, I always wanted to play with Monta Ellis. And Dirk — I love Dirk!” Those odds-makers in Las Vegas don’t know that that isn’t happening.

But it’s true — James isn’t signing with the Mavericks. However, it doesn’t take years of experience in Las Vegas to know that. It would be interesting to know if James lies in bed and ruminates, though.

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