LeBron James Doesn't Have the Guts to Sign with Dallas Mavericks

By Miotch


LeBron James
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You know, it’s really sad reading all these stories about NBA teams planning to clear up salary room ‘just in case’ his lordship LeBron James decides to run from the Miami Heat and sign with one of their sorry franchises. The Dallas Mavericks aren’t one of those sorry franchises.

Sure, Mark Cuban and company will probably try to wine and dine James, but James isn’t one of those star players who signs with the Mavericks. Nobody is talking about how James is washed up and/or a shell of his former self. No team has just shamelessly stabbed him in the back after years of loyalty.

James isn’t one of those forgotten, slept on underdogs who finds refuge in Dallas. No, quite the opposite. In case you’ve been in a coma for the last four years, James is the epitome of a frontrunner. Now that Dwyane Wade has disintegrated into dust, James apparently is prepared to use that same dust to do his ridiculous pre-game ritual in Los Angeles with the Lakers, perhaps with Carmelo Anthony as his new sidekick.

On a personal level, James is a good guy. It’s just that he hasn’t fallen to that level yet where he’s doubted; he’s still considered the best player in the league. Perhaps Lakers great Kobe Bryant has reached that point in his career, but not James.

Two years ago it was Deron Williams and last year it was Dwight Howard. Like those prima donnas, James will go wherever the limelight is, which is not Dallas.

You saw that press conference, where Heat president Pat Riley, like a boss, said, “And you got to stay together, if you’ve got the guts. And you don’t find the first door and run out of it.” Riley knows James doesn’t have the guts to fight to the death in Miami. And if James can’t handle the pressure of pleasing all those frontrunner fans in Miami, what makes you think he’s going to put on a cape and join Dirk Nowitzki and the underdog Mavericks?

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