What Does Big 3's Meeting Mean For Miami Heat?

By Shane Phillips
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Much like Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James did in 2010 before all three signed with the Miami Heat, the “Big 3” once again held a meeting to discuss their futures, according to sources. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and the Miami Herald reported the the three stars met at a Miami eatery. James has already opted out of his contract, and both Bosh and Wade are expected to follow suit.

There really is no information in regards to this story besides the fact that these three player all met together. It is actually a somewhat calming feeling for Heat fans and Pat Riley. We have no idea what the three discussed or what they came to terms upon, but the good news is they met. So, James hasn’t burnt the bridge yet.

The obvious next steps are Wade and Bosh to elect to become free agents, and then for all three to meet with potential suitors as well as Miami. You have to believe that Carmelo Anthony‘s name was brought up in that conversation today at whichever eatery they graced with their presences.

It is said that the “Big 3” are intrigued and interested by the idea of taking less money to form a “Big 4”, and Riley has discussed taking a legitimate shot at the former New York Knicks star. However, there is no need to get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s just rest and relax a bit on the fact that Wade, Bosh and James have sat down together. We now have to keep our eyes open to see if Melo meets with all three of them. I wonder if that meeting will be held in a Manhattan eatery or maybe over some delicious New York pizza.

Who knows? It is NBA free agency and it is pure madness. Prepare to hear about King James non-stop for the next few weeks, or you just could avoid all media outlets and invest in ear plugs along with a pair of blinders. Your call.

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