2014 NBA Draft: Milwaukee Bucks Smart to Select Jabari Parker No. 2 Overall

By Michael Terrill

The Milwaukee Bucks are incredibly fortunate to select small forward Jabari Parker with the No. 2 overall selection in the 2014 NBA Draft. The reason why I say fortunate is because it wasn’t known until recently if Parker would even be available at the two spot. Thankfully, the Bucks got the man they wanted all along, which should go a long ways to turning around the franchise. The saying in the NBA is that a team needs a superstar to win a championship. Think about it. Every team that wins a title has at least one player who can be called one of the best in the league. Unfortunately, Milwaukee hasn’t been able to do that for quite some time. The hope is that all of that could change with Parker, who has the potential to be a great player for many years to come. Parker is considered to be one of the most skillfully talented players in the entire draft. Even though Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid may have higher ceilings than Parker may, there’s no denying that he will have the biggest impact out of the gate.  The Bucks are a team that is clearly building for the future, but there’s a definite need to win immediately in order to attract the fan base. Parker will be able to do that and more, which is very attractive to Milwaukee’s new owners. You want offense. You get offense. Parker’s biggest weakness by far and away is his defense, but his offensive game is on a completely different level. The 6’9”, 240-pound Chicago native has the ability to muscle through opponents like Carmelo Anthony, but he also has a fluid motion like Kevin Durant. Even more important, he can score at will like both of those NBA superstars. In fact, if the Bucks consistently feed him the ball, there’s no question he will be one of the top scorers in the league one day. Only time will tell if Milwaukee made the right choice by selecting Parker. All I can say is that I am ecstatic about the pick. I wanted Parker from the beginning, as I believe Wiggins to be an incredibly overrated player. Expect Parker to make waves with the Bucks, especially with a very young and talented cast around him.

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