Andrew Wiggins Will Not Lure LeBron James Back to The Cleveland Cavaliers

By Shane Phillips

I’m not here to write that the Cleveland Cavaliers should have taken Jambari Parker with the No. 1 overall NBA Draft pick. I’m not here to discuss whether Dan Gilbert or his front office was right. Heck, I’m not even here to type a few sentences on whether or not Andrew Wiggins makes Cleveland merely a playoff contender in the already pathetic NBA Eastern Conference. What I am here to write, and pronounce to the world, is that Wiggins will have no role, no effect, not even a mere microscopic speck, on LeBron James returning to his hometown.

“Why?”, the reader might ask. Because there are no odds of the Cavs signing soon-to-be free agent James. I am sure there was talk in the “War Room” that either Parker or Wiggins could possibly lure James back to Cleveland, but those fools should have known that is all but impossible. Let’s first look upon the last few years of the plaguing Cavs organization. They have drafted Kyrie Irving and Deion Waiters; both fine players, but the franchise shot themselves in the foot when they selected Anthony Bennett. With a pathetic, weak and degraded East, they couldn’t even muster a fight for the eighth and final playoff spot.

What have they done since James left, besides rack up lottery picks and waste them? Oh, right. Gilbert did write that horrendous and embarrassing letter basically saying, and I am paraphrasing, that the Cavs would win a ring before King James. How did that work out for you Danny boy?

Zero playoff appearances compared to four consecutive Finals appearance and back-to-back titles. Gilbert really stuck his head up his own rear there. But I would like to digress. The drafting of Wiggins is meaningless in the grand scheme of returning James to his birthplace. There is already too much bad blood and lack of progress to even give James a whiff of consideration. I will say this, if Cleveland does not make the playoffs this year, they should be banned from the draft lottery for the next five years or so. That one’s up to you Adam Silver.

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