Boston Celtics Rumors: Draft Day Trade Brewing?

By RantSports Staff
Boston Celtics
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The rumors surrounding the Boston Celtics have not slowed down, despite the fact that it’s draft day. At least for now the Celtics are standing pat after selecting Marcus Smart with the No. 6 pick, but earlier in the night there were rumors about a possible deal:

The McLemore trade obviously fell through, but there’s still buzz about a possible deal involving, you guessed it, Rajon Rondo. However, there are no solid leads at this point to follow.

Boston’s long-time point guard has been rumored to be on the block for months now, but as of yet, nothing has gone down. Part of the reason could be due to Kevin Love‘s status in Minnesota. He’s been linked to the Celtics in a possible trade, and obviously if the they’re trying to acquire the All-Star power forward, they’re going to hang on to Rondo in the meantime.

So if Love doesn’t get dealt tonight, and obviously if he doesn’t end up in Boston, look for a possible draft day deal involving Rondo. The Kings are the most likely destination for him, and you still can’t rule out a trade involving McLemore.

The main concern involving a Rondo deal is of course his willingness to re-sign after his contract comes up next season. Best case scenario, the team that acquires him can talk him into an extension right away.

Stay tuned, as much more is set to do down from New York on draft night 2014.

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