Charlotte Hornets Should Avoid Drafting Mitch McGary

By Everick Davis
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There have been rumors that the Charlotte Hornets have promised former Michigan big man Mitch McGary that they will draft him with the 24th pick of the NBA Draft. While McGary can go on to be a good NBA player, Charlotte shouldn’t be the place where he is drafted.

McGary is an energetic big man who isn’t necessarily great at one thing on the floor. Offensively he isn’t the most athletic, and without a consistent jump shot, he won’t be scoring far away from the rim. McGary also isn’t the best post scorer either, so energy would be his main attribute he would contribute early on. Any team could use a guy who comes in with a lot of energy and who’s ready to crash the boards, but that wasn’t necessarily Charlotte’s weak point last season.

Also, McGary is already 22 years old. While for some guys that makes them a more seasoned player, McGary only played two years of college ball and will likely need to develop his offensive game more. The Hornets are already developing Cody Zeller, so it would be redundant for them to develop McGary as well.

The Hornets need some players who can come in and play now, not someone who they need to work with for many years. McGary’s injuries have to come into question and Charlotte could probably get some size in the second round. The team could easily get a guy with McGary’s skill set somewhere else.

The Hornets have a lot of options in this draft and can fill needs at every spot. Hopefully the Hornets promise is just a rumor and they don’t draft McGary. The Hornets need help in a lot of ways, but McGary shouldn’t be one of those guys that they enlist for help.

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