Adam Silver, NBA Provide Touching Moment by Drafting Isaiah Austin

By Michael Terrill
Adam Silver
Getty Images

If the following story doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, you officially have no soul.

Baylor center Isaiah Austin told the world recently that he had been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome.  The disease is a genetic disorder that can create complications with heart valves and aorta. Doctors said that because Austin has an enlarged aorta, he is no longer allowed to play basketball because it could risk his life to do so.

Instead of getting down about it and blaming God, Austin decided to thank God for blessing him with the talent to play basketball. More importantly, he was thankful that God essentially saved his life by allowing doctors to find out that he has Marfan syndrome.

One of the most disappointing moments occurred when Austin realized that he would not get to his name called on draft night despite the fact that he was projected to be selected. That alone was something that was nearly too much to handle because he waited his entire life for that moment. That’s when the NBA decided to intervene and ensure that Austin received the same privilege as the rest of the players in attendance.

“…And we wanted to make sure that we fulfilled at least this part of his dream,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver stated while standing at the podium Thursday night. “It gives me great pleasure to say that with the next pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the NBA selects Isaiah Austin out of Baylor University.”

Applause and cheers echoed throughout the crowd as Austin made his way to the stage. Silver went through the motions as he did with every other player who was drafted. However, Austin’s handshake and hug seemed to mean more to the commissioner.

It was a truly special moment that could have easily been bypassed by the league. Instead, the NBA chose to show heart and fulfill Austin’s dream. It was met with praise from across the league as players and TV personalities took to social media to display their gratitude.

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