Metta World Peace Blog: Urban Issues vs. Urban Trendsetting

By Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace urban issues
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When we talk about urban issues, I think we are referring to dysfunction. Very rarely do we associate urban issues with glamour. If we switched the words from “urban issues” to “urban trendsetting,” perception changes immediately. We have to get to a point where issues turn into trendsetting, meaning bad to good, positive from negative.

When we see dysfunctional athletes, celebrities, civilians, etc., and we don’t get the backstory before we judge, congratulate yourself. Congratulate yourself for being on a team of people that loves to see people at the bottom so they can look down on us.

Why are people so scared to see eye to eye? Why not be a nation of uplifters and everything about us says that? When I look back at prostitution, I see a daughter without a home; a daughter who wants to do the right thing without harming someone. When I see a deadbeat dad, I see a man who could have been better; a better father, partner and person. When I see the hood I turn criminals into trendsetters and community servants. This song is meant to open your eyes a bit. Be the trend.

This song can only be heard here at RantSports: Urban Issues

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