NBA Trade Rumors: Raptors-Heat Deal for Kyle Lowry Has Question Marks

By RantSports Staff


Kyle Lowry Heat
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The day after the 2014 NBA Draft, the wheeling and dealing is still going strong. After trading up in the draft for Shabazz Napier, the Miami Heat are now reportedly preparing a sign-and-trade to acquire restricted free agent Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors. Of course, that’s only the beginning of the rumors and there are definitely some holes in the speculation.

Obviously, at least one of the Heat’s young point guards — Norris Cole and Napier — would have to be involved in the deal as a team with that many stars can’t have that many relatively big-name point guards as well. You would think Napier might be a part of the deal, but since LeBron James was so adamant Miami land him in the draft, Cole definitely seems to be the other piece for the Heat here.

Also, the Heat would send plenty of dough and future draft picks to Toronto for a player of Lowry’s caliber to create a Big Four in South Beach. Of course, another report states the Heat will get rid of either Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade to make room for Lowry, which definitely seems farfetched, but not as much as the rumor that Bosh will opt out and sign with the Raptors as part of this “deal.”

First of all, Bosh and Wade aren’t going anywhere as Bosh says the only other squad he would play for is the Dallas Mavericks, his hometown team. Secondly, the Heat have been trying to create a Big Four for some time with Carmelo Anthony as the likely newest member. Of course, this deal would end that because Miami won’t be able to afford five stars; heck, the Heat will barely be able to afford four if Wade and Bosh both opt out like James and then re-sign to more team-friendly deals.

The reports are adamant Lowry will be with the Heat for the upcoming NBA season and that will likely be the case, but don’t expect any of the Big Three to leave and make room for him.

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