Orlando Magic Get Flexibility With Roy Devyn Marble

By Andrew Fisher
Roy Devyn Marble
Getty Images

The Orlando Magic dealt Arron Afflalo back to the Denver Nuggets on Thursday for Evan Fournier and the 56th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. That picked ended up being Roy Devyn Marble, a guard out of the University of Iowa.

Unlike many players in the draft this year, Marble actually played all four years at Iowa. This makes him a bit of a rarity in today’s culture of one-and-done, but in theory he’s more NBA-ready than most of the guys who spent just a year or two honing their skills at school.

When it comes to skills, Marble has many. His top skill is no doubt the ability to get his own shot. Obviously it’s much harder to create your own shot in the NBA than college, but Roy Devyn is a natural scorer. He can shoot, take it to the rack and play defense. At 6-6 with a 6-9 wingspan he’s got the length to be effective on both sides of the ball.

His best asset to the Magic is perhaps his ability to play multiple positions. During his time at Iowa he played one through three and excelled at all of them. His natural fit is at two-guard, but if needed he can handle the ball or play small forward.

Marble will have to work on his shooting to become more consistent from the field, and he’ll also need to continue bulking up (currently about 200 pounds). But given the situation he’s in with Orlando, he’ll have plenty of time to develop.

Roy Devyn Marble fits the NBA mold. He’s got the size, athleticism and basketball IQ to be a contributor for many years to come. If he becomes a reliable shooter, he’ll definitely find his way into the Magic’s rotation during his rookie season.

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