San Antonio Spurs Need to Steal Gordon Hayward This Offseason

Gordan Hayward

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The San Antonio Spurs‘ key to staying relevant has been to adjust on the fly to the times and staying open to change. They have adapted, conformed and reinvented themselves year after year, which has resulted in numerous championships. They know it is a guard-dominated league, and Gordon Hayward is just the guard they need for another title run.

The laid-back guy who was part of the “Cinderella” Butler team from 2010 has quietly improved every year in the league. He has proved to be a capable scorer, averaging 16.2 PPG last season. Not only can he shoot the ball from deep, he possesses the kind of intangibles needed to play San Antonio basketball. His throwback feel for the game and selfless attitude would allow him to flourish under the tutelage of Gregg Popovich.

The restricted free agent has just been extended a qualifying offer from the Utah Jazz, which means they have seven days to match any offer put up by another team this offseason. With the core group of the Spurs growing older, they must think about the future and how they can build around their NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard.

Hayward is definitely a piece of the puzzle they need to look at  not only because of the impact he can have on the box score, but the effect he can have in the locker room. The Spurs are a close-knit group that resembles the Bulldogs group that Hayward was a part of. He served a major leadership role that brought them much respect as a mid-major, and he can continue the excellence of the Spurs in the years to come.

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  • Smack Down

    Gordon Hayward is the missing piece the Spurs need to defend their NBA title. He can score but the best thing he can bring to the Spurs is defense on par between Kwahi Leonard and Danny Green. Hayward is especially good on transition defense which the Spurs need to improve on. He can guard a Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, Lebron James, Duane Wade, Kobe Bryant, or Carmelo Anthony. Spurs should pretty much keep their roster intact but move Damian James, Jeff Ayres, and or Matt Bonner to add Gordon Hayward to their roster. Rotate starting time between Hayward and Green and the bench improves both on offense and defense without the starting lineup suffering and will keep those players fresh to bring energy to the game. Hopefully the Spurs can manage to get Gordon Hayward away from the Utah Jazz who have extended him a qualifying offer since he is a restricted free agent. Will have to wait and see where Gordon Hayward ends up but it would be a win/win if he joins the Spurs.

  • Brent

    How do you propose they “steal” Hayward? The Spurs have $9 million in cap space. The Jazz wouldn’t hesitate to match a contract offer starting at $9 million a year.