Brooklyn Nets Rumors: Jason Kidd Possibly Taking Milwaukee Bucks’ Job is Absurd

By RantSports Staff
Jason Kidd bucks job
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Drama seems to follow Jason Kidd wherever he goes and that apparently hasn’t changed after his first year as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. After demanding a promotion with the Nets’ organization that would have given him more power than Brooklyn GM Billy King and being denied, the team has reportedly given the Milwaukee Bucks permission to talk to Kidd about taking their head coaching job.

The initial report was from the New York Post, so it wasn’t believable but now it’s been confirmed by reliable sources, so everyone is freaking out, as they should be.

Kidd demanding that kind of power is absolutely asinine, especially considering he’s a second-year head coach who is still learning the ropes of the job. Sure, he did decent in his rookie season on the sidelines, but he’s not ready to be above the GM on the totem pole and the fact he thinks he should be shows his immaturity.

Secondly, it’s also crazy the Nets are allowing the Bucks to talk to Kidd about taking over for Larry Drew in Milwaukee. Of course, the franchise is under new ownership and is trying to start over with new No. 2 overall pick Jabari Parker, but if Kidd is acting like, well, a kid in Brooklyn then what makes the Bucks think he’s going to grow up if he takes their job and is tasked with developing Parker into the new face of the franchise? This whole situation seems out of control and any team outside of Brooklyn would be foolish to want Kidd as its coach.

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