Jason Kidd May Have Blundered His Way Into a Better Situation With Milwaukee Bucks

By Kareem Gantt
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

Jason Kidd is a bad poker player. He broke one of the cardinal rules in the NBA: you don’t ask for more leverage from the team that you work for when you are still on the learning curve as a young head coach. Kidd tried to turn one semi-successful rookie season with the Brooklyn Nets into more control over player personnel from the team, foolishly thinking that he deserves to be on the same level as Doc Rivers and Stan Van Gundy.

Instead of being granted with the prestige honor of being the team’s general manager and head coach, Kidd was disgraced out of Brooklyn only a short year after his heralded and controversial arrival. Kidd tried to use the Milwaukee Bucks‘ pursuit of him as leverage in the Nets giving in to his demands. Brooklyn called his bluff and granted Kidd a meeting with the Bucks on Sunday.

But like a bad poker player, sometimes shoddy play may be for the best. Put this in the bank: Kidd will be with the Bucks next season, either as a head coach or in some other position within the organization, because when you are called out on your bluff you have to see it through.

The reason why Kidd’s blunder may be good for him is because he is stepping into a perfect situation in Milwaukee. The Bucks have a potential franchise player in Jabari Parker and some good young talent that can easily be molded into a playoff team. Add in great cap space and all of a sudden the Bucks can become really good, really quick.

The same cannot be said in Brooklyn where the Nets will be facing some serious salary cap issues in 2015. They were built last season to compete now, but as we learned then, this supposed “dream team” was too old and inconsistent to compete with the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers in the East. Add that to the fact that the Nets have virtually no cap room to improve the team, and all of a sudden, their dream team looks to be teetering on the brink of oblivion.

So although Kidd’s massive blunder with the Nets seemed to look horrible, in the end, Kidd may have blundered his way into a much better situation.

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