Brooklyn Nets: The Curious Case Of Jason Kidd

By Court Zierk
Soobum Im - USA TODAY Sports
Soobum Im – USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember that guy in high school who thought so highly of himself, and had such an over inflated ego, that he thought none of the rules applied to him? He thought that somehow, things should be handed to him without having to actually earn anything, and usually they were. He would show up to class every other day, pay zero attention when he did show up, and yet somehow, there he was, next to you on graduation day.

Well, that guy is Jason Kidd.

Of course, we all know by now about how Kidd approached Brooklyn Nets ownership with a list of demands, including taking over control of basketball operations. That’s right. The man who was a player one short year ago now thinks he has gained enough experience, in his one year of coaching through a fluky season in a weak Eastern conference, to make all basketball decisions on behalf of the Nets.

Now, this would surprise me coming from nearly any other human being on the face of the planet, but somehow it seems exactly in line with Kidd’s modus operandi. I would expect nothing less from him — or rather, I should say I would expect nothing more. There seems to always be a lower level to which he can and does stoop.

Kidd is no stranger to the fine art of emanating repugnance, and excels at all aspects of being generally detestable. He has been practicing it for years.

Of course, I don’t know him personally, nor do I wish I did, but there have been plenty of people close to him over the years who have publicly denounced his personal character. I generally tend to dismiss statements about people’s personal character unless a pattern emerges that is too palpable to ignore, as is the case with Kidd.

From public feuds with teammates over Toni Braxton, to serial adultery and domestic abuse, name the transgression and odds are Kidd has experience in it. Maybe that’s why he assumes he can forego the requisite experience that the coaches who also run basketball operations for their organizations have. He assumes his vast, and repulsive life experience equates to strength in leadership positions.

Of course, everybody back here in the real world understands that things don’t work that way. We know that only hard work and dedication lead to positions of influence (*sarcastic sigh*). But, Kidd obviously didn’t receive that life lesson. So as he was cussing out his boss when he learned that the Nets wouldn’t cave in to his demands, I’m sure the thought never crossed his mind that he was being preposterous.

As much as I detest what the Jason Kidds of the world stand for, I am equally thankful they exist. They provide me with a tangible and unambiguous example of vileness that I can point to and denounce the behavior I want my children to avoid.

So thank you Mr. Kidd. Thank you for demonstrating so flagrantly the behaviors I loathe. Thank you for being the beacon of despicability I can use to illuminate my moral teachings. For without you, there would be only fables of villainy to serve as the backdrop for immorality avoidance.

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