Derrick Rose Wrong, Should Be Willing To Recruit Carmelo Anthony to Bulls

By Cody Williams
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Derrick Rose is a point guard. More specifically, he is the point guard for the Chicago Bulls. This is the job that he was selected for by the Bulls with the first overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. This is the job that the team has desperately missed him performing over the past two seasons while he’s been sidelined with knee injuries.

Much like in any profession, though, the more time you spend with a company or an organization means the more responsibilities that are going to come along with it. That could come in the form of a promotion or could just come as a construct of your employers and co-workers placing more of their trust in your hands. Rose is no exception to this over his still brief career.

While it’s hard for Rose to receive an actual promotion when he was the starting point guard essentially from day one, it’s hard to deny that the magnitude of his responsibilities is much greater than it was when he first arrived back home in Chicago. He’s gone from hometown kid who could potentially be the leader, savior, and face of the franchise to a player who is pretty widely revered as being all of those things for the Bulls.

That’s why recent reports that Rose told Yahoo! that it’s not his “job” to try and recruit star free agent Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls are alarming. Sure, Rose stated that his view was if Melo wants to come to Chicago, he’ll come to Chicago. Sure, it seems as if the Bulls are one of the favorites to land Anthony without Rose making a pitch. That still doesn’t make it somewhat of a problem that Rose isn’t willing to go out a limb for his team.

There are probably plenty of star players around the league who wouldn’t deem it necessary to do their part in a free agency pitch, but Rose isn’t the normal star player. This is a guy from Chicago who got the opportunity to be the centerpiece for his hometown NBA team, realized that potential, and now has to accept the responsibility that comes with that. That doesn’t mean he has to be blowing up Melo’s phone or starting a hashtag on Twitter, but it should mean that he’s at least somewhat interested and involved.

There are certainly more damning things that could be said about an NBA player than he’s not reaching out to a big-name free agent. Rose is also still the star and the face of the Bulls. It just feels like he’s forgetting what that entails in this instance.

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