Phoenix Suns Believe Signing LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony a Legitimate Possibility

By Michael Terrill
LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony
Getty Images

It appears the odds of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony playing together for years to come is increasing. Most people assume that the two will join forces in South Beach as the “Big Three” will become the “Big Four” and a dynasty will be born. However, what if I tell you that the two won’t play together with the Miami Heat, but rather, the Phoenix Suns in 2014-15? Laugh now, but the Suns believe it to be a legitimate possibility.

Phoenix is prepared to clear up $10 million in cap space to give them a whopping $43.5 million to work with in free agency. That’s more than enough financial freedom to entice James and Anthony to come to the desert. In fact, both players would get the max contract they are pursuing, with Anthony making as much as $22.4 million. On top of that, James and Anthony have always wanted to play on the same together. This would be their way of doing so without losing anything at the bank.

The reality is this will never happen. There’s no reason for either player to sign with the Suns, especially since both are pursuing more rings. Despite the young talent on the roster, the potentially gifted prospects who were selected Thursday night, and the three first-round draft picks next year, James and Anthony aren’t going to waste their time on a builder right now because they aren’t getting any younger. They want to win titles, and the best way to do that is by returning to their respective teams.

It’s all fun and games to consider that the two superstars would actually ink deals with Phoenix. To be honest, it would be good for basketball. It would give fans hope everywhere that their favorite team could land a big fish as well.

Unfortunately, even though Phoenix’s biggest selling point that the two could finally play together while also making max dollars is enticing, it simply won’t be enough. James is almost guaranteed to return to Miami where he and the rest of the team will attempt to reach the NBA Finals for an astounding fifth consecutive season. Meanwhile, Anthony is likely to return to the New York Knicks, especially since the team is prepared to bring in Pau Gasol, although that doesn’t really guarantee much in the way of winning titles.

It’s good that the Suns are at least going to make a run at their own dream team, but don’t count on it actually happening.

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