Cleveland Cavaliers Sign Kyrie Irving Hoping He Will Grow with Andrew Wiggins

By Dave Daniels
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The Cleveland Cavaliers celebrated their newest draft pick, Andrew Wiggins, recently and it now seems they have created another reason to rejoice with the five-year, $90 million contract extension of Kyrie Irving announced last night.

Most folks who follow the NBA love the point guard’s game, and I do too. But there are definitely some holes in his abilities, and I would like to see him display a bit more leadership off the court. It will be crucial for Wiggins to develop winning habits next season, because otherwise the Cavs could find themselves right back in the lottery.

Irving has talent comparable to Allen Iverson, which could be a blessing or a curse depending on what day you caught AI. The Cavs lack veteran leadership in that locker room, so Irving might have to step into a bigger role than he is quite ready for.

Wiggins has a whole world of athletic talent at his disposal, and all the Kansas Jayhawks lacked last season was a guard to get him the ball smoothly. Irving could be that guy, but he will need to have better chemistry with their new head coach than he ever did with Mike Brown. The relationship between the point guard and Dion Waiters has been a bit awkward too, and that is obviously a dynamic they will need to work out at some point. All things come in good time, though.

No pressure, no diamonds. At least that is what I read on a t-shirt the other day, and the pressure is now on for the Cavs.

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