NBA Free Agency: Returning to the Toronto Raptors is Not a Good Move For Kyle Lowry

By Timothy Downs
Kyle Lowry
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We are only a few hours removed from the start of NBA free agency, and rumors are spreading fast and often. It has been rumored that the Houston Rockets were wasting no time in pursuing point guard Kyle Lowry, but reports also indicate that his current team, the Toronto Raptors, have made a substantial offer to Lowry with CBS Sports saying that the deal is “as good as done.”

Returning to Toronto might be the best move financially for Lowry, but from a pure basketball standpoint it is not very wise. The Raptors were a very weak three seed in a mediocre Eastern Conference this past season and were sent out of the playoffs in the first round by an aging Brooklyn Nets team. It is no secret that Toronto struggles to draw big-name free-agents, and one has to wonder how much the team could actually improve this offseason considering those limitations in free agency.

The Rockets are the ideal landing spot for Lowry, despite his previous rough relationship with head coach Kevin McHale when Lowry was with Houston over the course of four seasons from 2008-2012. Both McHale and Lowry have publicly expressed regret over the way his time played out and a reunion would not be out of the question.

Lowry would be a perfect fit for the way the Rockets are built as constituted. Similarly to Toronto, their biggest scoring option is their shooting guard, James Harden, and pairing the two would undoubtedly make the for the highest scoring backcourt in the league. The club recently traded Omer Asik to the New Orleans Pelicans to free up salary cap space, which could be used to re-sign small forward Chandler Parsons and others if they were unable to land one of the top free-agents such as Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James.

Time will tell where exactly Lowry will land, but if he wants to win he should not return to Toronto.

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