Derrick Rose Attempts to Recruit Carmelo Anthony to Chicago Bulls After All

By Michael Terrill
Derrick Rose Carmelo Anthony
Getty Images

Despite saying he would not help the Chicago Bulls recruit free agent Carmelo Anthony, superstar Derrick Rose decided to do so after all. Whether his presence aided the Bulls in the process is unknown at this time, but the fact that he played a role could go a long ways in helping Chicago get better. If anything else, the fans and the organization have to be thrilled that Rose is finally tossing aside his reluctance to recruit players.

There is no way to know what Rose said when he spent time with Anthony on Tuesday afternoon. That became much more difficult when he refused to comment to reporters while leaving the United Center. However, he being there will go a long ways, especially since Anthony knows Rose is not someone who is ever present at the welcoming party.

If Anthony does end up signing with the Bulls, which could be a very realistic possibility, do not be surprised to hear that one of his main reasons to do so was because of Rose. The point guard is the face of the franchise. Typically, when that person reaches out or does something out of the norm, it has a lasting effect on free agents who are trying to choose their new team.

Even though Rose was Chicago’s ace in the hole in the recruitment process, the organization made sure to pull out all the stops in wooing Anthony. Head coach Tom Thibodeau rode with Anthony on the way to the United Center in an attempt to get as much face time as possible. Then, the first thing Anthony saw on arrival was a picture of himself wearing a Bulls jersey as well as the marquee showing him hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Anthony with the Larry O’Brien trophy was obviously a great ploy by the Bulls considering it is no secret that Anthony is going to sign with a team that not only will give him a large amount of money, but also an organization that can guarantee championships. In fact, it’s the latter that will prove to be the biggest difference maker when it is all said and done.

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