Houston Rockets Rumors: Carmelo Anthony’s Lengthy Visit a Good Sign

By RantSports Staff
Carmelo Anthony Rockets meeting
Getty Images

Before Carmelo Anthony actually arrived at the Toyota Center, everyone said it would be a quick visit with the Houston Rockets before hopping on a plane to see the Dallas Mavericks on the same day. However, after Melo’s limo arrived in H-Town, it remained there for six hours. The leaked details of the visit as it happened suggest the Rockets have a good chance at landing the natural-born scorer.

First of all, the fact Melo stayed in Houston much longer than planned is a good sign, especially since he pushed back his meeting with the Mavericks to the evening after it was supposed to start in the afternoon. Melo obviously was intrigued by what the Rockets had to say or he wouldn’t have hung around as long as he did.

That may have been partially aided by the Rockets putting up a billboard with him photoshopped into a Houston uniform near the Toyota Center and a similar graphic of him holding the Larry O’Brien trophy inside the stadium.

In those pictures, Melo was wearing No. 7, which was his number with the New York Knicks.

That let Anthony know the Rockets are ready to trade Jeremy Lin, who also wears No. 7, as soon as he commits to playing in Houston. In fact, the Rockets reportedly have a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers in place that they will execute the moment Melo agrees to play for them.

Melo also met alone for 10 minutes with James Harden and Dwight Howard for a face-to-face discussion about the possibility of them forming their Big Three that would definitely rival the trio that represented the Miami Heat for the last four years.

All of this suggests Melo enjoyed his visit and wasn’t in a hurry to meet with the Mavs. Of course, we shouldn’t just expect Anthony to sign with Houston after this, but Rockets fans have to feel good about their chances of landing him at this point.

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