Lance Stephenson Foolish To Pass Up Indiana Pacers' Deal

By Trevor Lowry
Lance Stephenson Rumors
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The Indiana Pacers didn’t really rock anyone’s socks off in this year’s playoffs. Point your fingers at whoever you want, but Lance Stephenson having a less than stellar outing definitely had a play in their exit. Well, Stephenson was reportedly offered a deal by Indiana, which he didn’t take. He is foolish for not doing so.

According to, Indiana offered Stephenson a five-year, $44 million deal.

Stephenson is definitely a hot commodity this summer. After all, he went off this year by averaging 13.8 points per game, 4.6 assists per game and 7.2 rebounds per game. He was a big reason why the Pacers were so good during the regular season.

He is worth the money, don’t get me wrong. However, many players have taken smaller contracts. Players like LeBron James (clearly not the case anymore since he wants max money).

Stephenson will get his big payday in time. He should be more focused on winning a championship and not cashing in on a big pay check. If it is money that Stephenson wants, it is money he will probably get.

Maybe a contending team will want to pay him the big bucks, but clearly Indiana doesn’t want to give him more. However, teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, who weren’t exactly the best team in the NBA this past year, tend to throw down some cash.

Stephenson was on one of the best teams in the league this past year. Indiana finished first in the East and will likely challenge for a championship in 2014-15. Who knows if that will be with or without Stephenson.

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