Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Adding Lance Stephenson Could Cause Friction

Lance Stephenson

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It’s true — NBA free agency is starting to really heat up with some big names on the market. Sure, there is no bigger name on the market than LeBron James, but Lance Stephenson‘s name seems to be getting thrown around quite a bit lately.

The Indiana Pacers‘ star shooting guard took the league by storm this season because of his fiery don’t-take-anything-from-anyone attitude and stellar all-around play.

Starting all 78 games that he played in during the 2013-14 season, Stephenson made a splash, averaging 13.8 points, 7.2 rebounds and 4.6 assists per game while causing havoc on the defensive end at times with his ferocious play.

Well, according to Chris Broussard, the Los Angeles Lakers want to be the next team to enjoy having his services.

The Lakers have the money to sign him, but there is a catch.

As I said before, Stephenson is somewhat of an intense personality and some fellow players don’t take too kindly to that — just ask LeBron James and Evan Turner.

Joining the Lakers would mean he would be coming into the presence of one of the most confident, free-speaking players of all time: Kobe Bryant.

Would this work? Probably not.

Stephenson, although he is a great player, is the kind of guy who wants to be the star of a team. Kobe is not going to let that happen while he’s still around. Those two personalities would cause major friction in Hollywood and it would not have a happy ending.

Sign at your own risk, Los Angeles.

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  • TheZuluNation

    Yes Lance is somewhat of a gamble but tell me what kind of identity did Indiana have in that locker room and what players on that team are leaders? Indiana was trying to find an identity on the run and a leader of the team all while trying to win games at the same time. If L.A. signs him, he’d be surrounded by one of the best to ever play the game in Kobe, a strong veteran in Steve Nash, and potentially a player-coach in Byron Scott (if hired). With all three of those guys, you already have some type of identity and discipline in the locker room. Indiana had Vogel (who couldn’t handle Lance), Paul George (not a leader yet; still trying to figure it out), David West (ehh). Other than that, what kind of leaders were on that team?