Kurt Rambis A Great Asset For New York Knicks To Help Derek Fisher

By Gustavo Braga
Getty Images
Getty Images

It’s been reported that the New York Knicks offered Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis a $1.2 million per year contract to be Derek Fisher‘s main assistant coach. It’s one of the highest salaries for an assistant coach in the league, but it is absolutely worthwhile in this case.

Rambis has been a cornerstone on the Lakers’ coaching staff for more almost two decades, having the opportunity to learn from the master himself, Phil Jackson. Rambis had a brief stint as head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, but soon returned to the Lakers.

A great player developer and a master of the triangle offense, Rambis is most of all an experienced assistant coach. Having worked for Jackson, he’s got what it takes to help transform the Knicks into a championship contender, helping install the winning culture needed at the Madison Square Garden.

Fisher is going to need to adapt quickly to the role of head coach, where everything from motivating to teaching the offensive system is involved; having Rambis by his side to help develop the young guys, teach fundamentals to the ones lacking it, and being a sideline reference will be of utmost importance.

He knows how to keep to himself and only speak when asked, but at the same time he’s got that aura of a four-time NBA champion with deep knowledge of the game of basketball. If Fisher is already a lucky guy for having an 11-time champion coach Jackson as his mentor, he can only benefit from having Rambis by his side.

The Knicks are looking stronger every day while moving toward being the winning franchise fans have hoped for in recent years, and Rambis is going to be an essential part of that.

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