Mario Chalmers Should Stay Miami Heat’s Floor General

By Trevor Lowry
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The Miami Heat have many decisions to make this offseason. Heck, the players of the Heat have many decisions to make. Miami could essentially look way different if players like LeBron James decide to go elsewhere. One player who could end up on a different team is Mario Chalmers, but Miami should really consider bringing back the point guard. He is still a viable option as the team’s floor general.

James wanted Shabazz Napier in the 2014 NBA Draft and that is exactly who the Heat went after. Napier was one of the most NBA-ready PGs in the draft and could probably start for Miami in the 2014-15 season. However, the team also has Norris Cole.

Chalmers will never go down as the best point guard in NBA history, but that is alright. He is very familiar with the offense — has been with the team through four NBA Finals — and he has actually been pretty good. I could see the team wanting to go in a different direction with the way Chalmers performed in this year’s playoffs, but he is a starter in this league.

His 9.8 points per game and 4.9 assists per game do not jump off of the page, but he also doesn’t have to be the most productive guard in the league. After all, Chalmers does play alongside James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Those three players alone carry most of the offensive load — as they should.

Napier has the potential to score more points — was a great scorer in college — but it may take some time before he gets to that point. In the meantime, using Chalmers as the starter and Cole as the backup is a good situation to be in. Depending on all of the players the Heat have to please this summer — mainly the Big 3 — who knows how much money they will have for everyone.

Whether the case, Chalmers has been with the team for quite some time now, and he is still more than capable of being the floor general.

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