NBA Trade Rumors: Rajon Rondo Could be Part of Pacers, Suns, Celtics 3-Team Deal

By RantSports Staff
Rajon Rondo 3-team trade
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Thursday morning began with a lot of NBA trade rumors and a lot of confusion in the twittersphere. First up, it was reported the Indiana Pacers are trying to trade for Goran Dragic, which would obviously be huge. However, that may just be the tipping point to a three-team deal also involving the Boston Celtics and Rajon Rondo.

Before anyone gets excited or doesn’t read this correctly, the Pacers’ target is Dragic. Period. End of story. Rondo comes in as the wild card here; Marc Stein did not specify (and still hasn’t) about exactly where Rondo would fit, but context clues suggest he may end up with the Phoenix Suns to replace Dragic alongside Eric Bledsoe, who would be moved to shooting guard in that scenario.

Bledsoe is not a true point guard; everybody knows that, including him. Putting him at the two with Rondo handling the ball would be great for the Suns if they move Dragic. Of course, Phoenix could also just be wanting to acquire Rondo’s expiring contract in order to make a run at Kevin Love, Al Jefferson, LaMarcus Aldridge or any of the other big-name free agents in 2015.

Either way, the increasing rumors and reports of Rondo being moved this offseason can’t be ignored, especially when he’s now being included in talks for his expiring contract. That only increases the number of teams that could acquire him, regardless of what the Pacers, Suns and/or any other team does to truly improve its roster for a title run in 2014-15.


Indiana Pacers Rumors: Trading for Goran Dragic Would Lead to Titles

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