Charlotte Hornets Need to Bring Back Their Free Agents

By Everick Davis
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

The NBA offseason has officially begun, but surprisingly not many teams have made moves. With only a handful of star players on the market, role players have been getting paid very good money this offseason. For a team like the Charlotte Hornets, who already have trouble attracting free agents, this isn’t very good news. Ultimately, the Hornets should be able to pull off some decent moves, but for now, they should worry about resigning their own free agents.

The Hornets’ biggest problem last season was their shooting. Very few guys on last year’s squad had a reliable jump shot, but guys like Anthony Tolliver, Chris Douglas-Roberts and Jannero Pargo all shot the ball well for Charlotte. With Charlotte needing shooters, they should look to re-sign each of these guys.

Tolliver had an excellent season last year, shooting 41.3 percent from three point land. While the Hornets were dealing with injuries to their wing players, Tolliver stepped in and played small forward admirably. Tolliver likely won’t be a hot commodity in free agency, so the Hornets should be able to scoop him up for cheap this offseason to play a similar “play if needed” role for the Hornets.

Douglas-Roberts was another guy who came in and filled out the small forward position for the Hornets. Early on, Douglas-Roberts didn’t play very much, so his stats don’t pop out, but this guy was a huge piece for the Hornets down the stretch. Douglas-Roberts proved himself to be a real option in the second unit for the Hornets and found himself in the game at crunch time a lot. He is definitely another guy who should be returning to Charlotte.

Pargo is one of those older third string point guards who enters the game ready to get buckets. When Pargo is called upon to play, he brings a spark and some energy off the bench. Also, he can shoot the ball at a decent clip as well. Pargo shouldn’t be the option at the back up point guard spot, but as a third string guy, he’s a great option.

The Hornets should look to lock up their shooters now, before some team comes in and overpays them. They will already have major competition for Josh McRoberts‘ services, so the Hornets need to retain these guys quickly. Role players are getting paid this offseason, so the Hornets need to lock down their guys before some one else does.

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