Drafting Julius Randle a Great Move for Los Angeles Lakers

By Brendan Patel
Brad Penner - USA TODAY Sports
Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports

When the Los Angeles Lakers received the seventh pick in the NBA Draft, most of the previous optimism for finding the next young star disappeared. There wouldn’t be as many options and the team would most likely have to settle for a role player who might not be ready to help the team. The Lakers were looking at a variety of players, as they weren’t sure who was going to fall to them when it was there turn to draft. Luckily, Julius Randle was still available, and the team did not hesitate to pick him, a great move going forward for the team.

Randle has the potential to be an immediate impact player and should contend for Rookie of the Year honors. His strength and skill set will allow him to compete with the veterans in the league, and his style of play should allow him to contribute from the get-go. He will receive plenty of playing time on a team that has many open roster spots, giving him plenty of opportunities to improve his game.

The Lakers will need a low post threat to add another dimension to their offense, and Randle fills that need. He is dominant going to his left off the dribble, and is a great finisher in traffic. He absorbs contact well, and plays a physical style that will make others around him play harder. His relentlessness when rebounding is the type of energy that the Lakers need and will create more opportunities for the team.

Overall, Randle has the ability to be a very good rookie, as well as a very good player down the road. His endless motor on the court will inject some life into the lineup and earn the respect of the veterans. He has the strength and skill-set to contribute right away, and will only get better. The Lakers made the right decision in drafting Randle.

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