Dwyane Wade Best Remaining Option for Dallas Mavericks in Free Agency

Dwyane Wade

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As expected, it’s not looking like NBA free agent Carmelo Anthony is going to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. In fact, the latest rumors have Anthony seriously considering the Los Angeles Lakers.

It should come as no surprise, but Dallas is just not—nor will it ever be—a city in which superstar NBA free agents want to play. It’s normally the former stars with a bitter taste in their mouths who sign with the Mavericks..

Enter Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. It was just four years ago that you could have made a legitimate argument for Wade being better than LeBron James, as James’ defense wasn’t as good as it’s become and the numbers between the two stars were comparable. Wade, of course, went on to become James’ sidekick, but now there are serious doubts about whether or not the oft-injured Wade is worthy of even riding James’ coattails anymore.

When the dust settles, it’s hard to imagine the Heat signing Wade to a multi-year deal worth $15-plus million per season. And what other team is going to throw that kind of money at Wade? Zero teams, unless the team is crazy.

Wade, 32 years old, does have serious health concerns, but don’t Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and head coach Rick Carlisle love to brag about the amazing work team trainer Casey Smith has done? Didn’t Smith revive the career of Tyson Chandler, whom the Mavericks just reacquired?

And the Mavericks can’t point out the bad blood that still exists between Wade and star Dirk Nowitzki. If that’s an issue, then why was the recent meeting with Anthony “just about business”? Wade is doubted and his greatness is under-appreciated and forgotten. He has something to prove, just like Chandler years ago and many of the players GM Donnie Nelson has acquired in the past.

Overall, Luol Deng, for instance, never was, nor is he now, better than Wade. Should the Mavericks sign Wade, Monta Ellis can run the point, Wade can start at shooting guard and Devin Harris can remain the backup at point guard. And who’s to say Wade doesn’t take the same pay cut Nowitzki took in order to play alongside his former rival?

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  • John Holmes

    No big free agent signs with Dallas eh? I remember a couple hours ago reading an article that said Dirk Nowitzki signed with the Mavericks. Is he not a big free agent? Just because nobody has signed her dosent mean nobody will. There is always a first for something, you’ll eat your words in the next couple of years my friend.

    • Miotch

      And if Dirk had started his career with the Bucks, would he have signed as a free agent with Dallas?

  • vonholland


    • Miotch

      Hey, Wade never killed anybody. I think he and Dirk would get along great.

      • vonholland

        I guess that’d be up to dirk. Me? I’m thinking his whole quote of hating any team , it’d be the heat , couldv been taken as to mean he not a fan of d wade. But Idk

        • Miotch

          Yes, I pointed out the bad blood in the article but players who have hated each other have gotten along on the same team. When Wade is on the other team you hate him, but you love him when he’s on your team – he’s one of those players.

          • vonholland

            Maybe so. Reminds me of how a fist fight causes friendships sometimes .

          • Miotch

            Exactly! It’s normally the person you get off to a bad start with/fight that you become good friends with. It would be a good story.

          • vonholland

            But I feel he’s lacking quickness n his athleticism is also lacking now

          • Miotch

            The fact you feel that way is exactly why the Mavs should grab him. Wade has not lost his athleticism, just had these nagging injuries. But you shouldn’t be worried, because the Mavericks are not going to sign him. They should, but they won’t.

            But Wade will come back with a vengeance next year.

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  • QuoVadimus

    Jesus Christ, is this the dumbest thing written about the Mavs this free agency? If not it’s gotta be close. Wade is NEVER coming to Dallas because of how much the Mavs (and Mavs fans) DESPISE him for how he disrespected Dirk years ago. I don’t know if there’s a player in the league that is more hated by Mavs fans.

    Plus he’s at the tail end of his career, he’s gonna be a Heat for Life, and even if he WANTED to leave Miami for Dallas, Dallas wouldn’t take him I would imagine.

    Maybe I’m wrong on that, but I am 99.99% sure that there’s nothing but bullshit to this rambling post (I meant the rambling post I’m responding to, not MY rambling post).

    • Farva55

      Cuban doesn’t give a crap about what his fans want. He wants to WIN. If Wade went to Dallas, they’d LOVE HIM.

      • QuoVadimus

        You clearly don’t pay attention to the Mavs to say that. Cuban’s one of the owners in the league that actually gives a shit about the fans. It’s possible to care about the fans AND caring about winning. Also I doubt old weak knees Wade is going to be the final piece the Mavs have been looking for.

        As a fan I genuinely do not want Wade, even if he wasn’t a year away from a walker. Let him retire a Heat player and let that be that. After the way he and Bron (especially Wade) shit on Dirk when he was sick that year, I wouldn’t want either one here.