Charlotte Hornets' Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Should Have Breakout 2014-15 Season

By Everick Davis
Sam Sharpe- USA TODAY Sports
Sam Sharpe- USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are in need of wing players this offseason. While Gerald Henderson has been in the league for a few years now, it is likely that his game will improve drastically. On the other hand, the Hornets’ other starting wing player last year, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, is still young and will develop. While the Hornets still need some two-way wing players, Kidd-Gilchrist shouldn’t be given up yet and should break out next season.

Kidd-Gilchrist has already been in the NBA for two years and is only 20 years old. After a season where he averaged 7.2 points and 5.2 rebounds in 24 minutes per game, Kidd-Gilchrist should be working on his game this offseason. He showed flashes on the offensive end last year but was never a consistent option.

Working with Mark Price this summer should definitely help Kidd-Gilchrist with his jump shot, which is the weakest part of his game. He doesn’t necessarily need to be a three-point option, but a mid-range jumper and a better free throw stroke would really expand his game. He is a very athletic player who should have no problem getting to the basket, and with a better free throw percentage (61 percent), Kidd-Gilchrist should get to the foul line more.

One thing that Kidd-Gilchrist has working for him is his defense. He is a long, athletic wing player who should blossom into the defensive anchor for this Hornets team. Kidd-Gilchrist should be able to get points off his defense as well.

Next season Kidd-Gilchrist should develop into more of a complete player. If he can continue to enhance his offensive skill set he could eventually develop into that Gerald Wallace type player he was projected to be. Next season the Hornets should have a more polished and aggressive Kidd-Gilchrist on the floor.

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