Charlotte Hornets Won't Be Making a Big Splash in Free Agency

By Everick Davis
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA free-agency period began about five days ago, with little to no action taken place so far. While teams have began to add role players, the marquee free agents have been taking their time making their decisions. Last year, the Charlotte Hornets were able to sign a big free agent in Al Jefferson, but this year, the Hornets won’t be so lucky. This offseason, the Hornets won’t be making a big free-agency splash.

When you get past names like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh, this year’s free-agent class isn’t very strong. This class features countless role players who could make a difference on certain teams, but not the type of players who teams should break their backs in order to sign. The Hornets are a team that needs to improve, but likely won’t drastically improve with the free agents who are available.

For the Hornets, there are a few guys in free agency who could be true difference-makers, though. Luol Deng and Lance Stephenson are two guys who come to mind. While Deng will likely be making a move in order to have a chance to compete for a championship, Stephenson will likely be looking to cash in. Stephenson represents the Hornets only real chance at getting a difference-maker, but the team’s interest in Stephenson doesn’t seem mutual.

Once the main marquee free agents make their decisions, then things in free agency should ultimately begin to heat up. Unfortunately, the Hornets likely won’t be able to add a top-tier player this offseason. The Hornets’ best bet to truly upgrade the roster this offseason could be through a trade.

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